How it Works

Curious to learn how it all comes together? You are in the right place.

How it works

The Text Logistics platform was built with simplicity in mind. We understand that not every business owner is a computer guru so we focused on the core functionality while making it simple to use. You can watch the short videos below to learn more about the easy to use tools.

Text Marketing

Marketing can be expensive and time consuming. Text marketing makes it easy and affordable!

Text marketing works. Statistics show that it has a better response rate than Facebook or email.

  • 97% of American adults text weekly. (Pew Research Center)
  • Americans text twice as much as they call, on average. (Nielsen)
  • 97% of texts will be read within 15 minutes of being sent. (Forbes)
  • The average adult spends 23 hours a week texting. (USA Today)
  • 33% of American adults prefer texts to all other forms of communication. (Pew Research Center)
  • Text is the most used form of communication for American adults under 50. (Gallup)
  • Texting is the most common cell phone activity. (Pew Research Center)
  • 75% of people like offers sent via text. (Digital Marketing Magazine)

Key Features

  • Create a campaign in just minutes.
  • Schedule your messages weeks in advance.
  • Randomly select a subscriber for contests and prizes.
  • Attach pictures for MMS messages.

Instant Group Text Alerts

Text Logistics offers a Group Text Alert feature. This feature allows managers or organizers of large groups to easily send messages without having to log into their Text Logistics account. This is done by texting the group keyword followed by the message to be sent from an authorized phone number. The message is then sent to all subscribers who subscribed with the group keyword. What are some uses for group text alerts?

  • HR administrators - Keep employees updated on company closings because of dangerous weather
  • conditions, power outages, or building maintenance.
  • IT managers - Notify employees of unforeseen network isses or inplanned harware maintenance.
  • Property Managers and Landlords - Update tenatants on property maintenanc and, emergency situations.
  • Field Team Managers - Easily contact members of field teams to keep them updated on important changes.

Click To Call

We all know that people hate being left on hold then they call! Text Logistics provides a service that let's your customers receive a call from you! They simply click the "Call Me" link...

they provide a few pieces of information, and they relax and wait to be called! Your representative will receive an automated call where they will hear the name, number and topic for the customer inquiry. They can be automaticall connected to the customer, or defer that call and call back later after taking notes.

Automated Appointment Reminders

If your business relies on customers keeping appointments, you know how much your revenue depends on them keeping those appointments! Losing just one appointment a week, can result in thousands of dollars in lost revenue! Text Logistics lets you create appoinment reminders that notify your customers vis text messages or automated voice calls. When they receive a phone call reminder, they have an option to immediatly connect to your representatives to cancel or reschedule if needed.